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Patsy Hall

Patsy moved home to Lakeview, OR with her husband 25 years ago to work with her father, Dan Collins and eventually take over the Ford Dealership. From her first roots at Daniel Collins Ford, the business grew and the GMC line was open in 2008. Prior to running this business, Patsy worked in accounting. However, her automobile industry roots run deep. This industry is at the root of her being and fulfills her passion day in and out. A huge part of that fulfillment comes from knowing customers that come in daily. Being able to work in a relationship-based environment with customers and employees is the center of Hall Motor's operations. Outside of building a successful business and desirable work environment, Patsy enjoys spending time with family, and weekends away boating. Fun fact about Patsy: She cannot drive a stick shift - despite her years in the industry! 

Jeff Hall

Jeff and his wife Patsy took over this business 25 years ago. Prior to this adventure, Jeff was a John Deere Governmental Salesman in Arizona. Native to Bend, coming back to Lakeview for this adventure made sense, considering his love of cars. Jeff has continuously worked to keep the small-town atmosphere the center of his business, it is his favorite part of coming to work. Outside of being Hall Motor's main Tow guy, Jeff loves boating, skiing, snow-mobiling and family time. A fun fact about Jeff: He has seven grand-dogs! 



Kylen Ward

Meet Kylen - our newest Lube Center Technician! Local to Lakeview, Kylen came to us right out of high school graduation and has become a strong asset for our team. Kylen loves Hall Motor because of the fun atmosphere. He likes that everyone has a good time, and yet gets work done! When he's not slinging tires and changing oil, Kylen is working on his truck or finding to snow to snowmobile in. Fun fact about Kylen: He is ALWAYS eating!

Sara Swank

Meet Sara - our newest service team member! A native to Lakeview, Sara joins Hall Motor Company with an Accounting degree from OIT and background in the service industry. You can find her processing warranty paperwork for our service department, or helping out with our office staff! Sara loves Hall Motor because of fun and easy going atmosphere. In her free time, catch Sara spending time with her two kids, or working on her side hustle - making cinches. A fun fact about Sara is that she loves the outdoors - as long as it's warm.

Chris Hutton

Originally from Klamath Falls, Chris joined Hall Motor after finishing a Diesel program at KCC. Chris works as a technician at Hall Motor. He likes Hall because of the sense of community. When he isn't working on vehicles, Chris enjoys hiking. A fun fact about Chris is that he sneezes in a patter n of 6 every time he sneezes!

Daniel Hall

Daniel joins the company from the aviation industry, where he was both a pilot, mechanic and service advisor. Daniel has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Small Business Management from University of Phoenix. A local to Lakeview, Oregon, Daniel enjoys the small town in which he lives and works. He loves the American Product that he works with, the small-town atmosphere and the great morals and ethics that Hall Motor runs their business on. In his free time, Daniel flies and works on aircraft, enjoys skiing at Warner Canyon, hiking and golfing. Fun fact about Daniel: he rebuilt his own helicopter to gain knowledge and experience!  

Heather Bennett

We are so fortunate to be celebrating Heather's ninth year with Hall Motor in 2020! Prior to her career here, she worked in vehicle service departments in independently owned shops, and Ford garages around Oregon. Heather loves our owners, customers and co-workers. She is thankful to be encouraged by the owners to treat customers like family. Working here she is confident and proud to work for a dealership that cares so much for her hometown. Outside of her career, she is a mother to five wonderful children. She and her family enjoy social events, riding ATVs, dirt biking and any outdoor adventures. Fun fact about Heather: someday she wants to be a leather worker and silver smith! 

Raven Bivanco

Raven moved to Lakeview from Sedona, AZ where she worked in Marketing management. Her favorite thing about coming to Hall Motor is the community support the company offers, and the atmosphere. Most of all, she enjoys that employees are treated well! In her free time, Raven enjoys writing, photography, drawing and painting - our resident artist! Fun fact about Raven: she earned her first car by installing the engine, alone.  

Kelly Partin

Native to Lakeview, Kelly has been with Hall Motor for 17 years! Our senior master technician for Ford. According to Kelly, the family-oriented work environment has kept him around. Outside of taking care of our customer's vehicles, Kelly is an avid outdoors man. He raises cattle and enjoys hunting. He makes a mean batch of Elk Jerky! 

David Moore

Native to Redmond, Oregon David has been our Silver Certified GMC technician for three years. His background is diverse with background in bridge building, owning a car wash, and the vehicle service industry. David travels every week from North-Central Oregon to work with Hall Motor because of the great staff he is surrounded by. He is all work, and no play! Outside of Hall Motor, he works on vehicles and enjoys traveling. Fun fact about David: He loves Mexico - Cancun, Cabo he is always interested in a vacation there!  

Zach Crandall

Originally from Portland, OR Zach joined Hall Motor Company in June of 2019. He loves his work here because of the friendly atmosphere.  In his free time, he likes to spend time with family, and work in the shop with his friends and family. Fun fact about Zach: he spent four years in the military as an aircraft firefighter! Thank you for your service, Zach! 

Travis Amacker

Travis is a Lakeview native, and is celebrating 16 years with Hall Motor. Travis has continued to work with Hall Motor because of his love for the atmosphere. He refers to the team as his family. Outside of work, Travis is a father, and enjoys all outdoors adventures. He is a lover of cooking, hunting and fishing. Fun fact about Travis: He is a goofball.  



Bill Shoemaker

Bill is a native to Ohio, and has dedicated his life to the service industry from tires to body work. Bill is our main Collision Repair technician. Aside from the love for Collision and the challenges it brings, he loves Hall Motor because of the different people he gets to meet and work with everyday. When he's not in the shop painting and buffing, Bill is camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Amber Swank

Originally from North Carolina, Amber married a Lakeview boy and has spent the past four years at Hall Motor. Prior to her position here, she worked in the Service Department of multiple other dealerships. She loves working at Hall Motor for because of the family atmosphere, and the challenge that the industry possesses. In her free time, Amber enjoys snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and outdoor adventures. She and her husband have a non-profit providing firewood to veterans. Fun fact about Amber: She is a new mom!  



Kenny Robinson

Kenny is new to Hall Motor Company and can be found in the parts department. New to the company, however Kenny is an Oregon native. Originally from Eugene, Kenny grew up in Klamath Falls. Before coming to Hall Motor, he was working in the food service industry. He has loved the change to Halls because of the challenge the work brings, and his co-workers and customers are always fun to be around. When he's not working with Dale in the Parts department Kenny is getting in the woods and having fun. A Fun fact about Kenny is that he is a big fisherman.

Dale Blair

Native to Lakeview, OR, Dale has worked in the Parts industry for 25 years. He is celebrating 15 years at Hall Motor Company. His favorite thing about working at Hall Motor is the family atmosphere. Outside of work, Dale enjoys bowling, fishing, hunting and spending time with family. Fun fact about Dale: he is a demolition derby addict!



Samantha Hall

Samantha joins Hall Motor Company from the sales and finance industry.  A background in technical sales management, and finance and banking, Samantha also has degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis, and Psychology from New England College, and is currently set to finish her Master of Business Administration in 2020. From small town, Salem Indiana, Sam loves Hall Motor because of the family-oriented atmosphere extended not only to employees, but customers alikeIn her free time, Sam enjoys going to the gym, skiing at Warner Canyon and playing music on one of seven different instruments. Fun fact about Sam: She is a trained operatic vocalist!



Lacey Hansen

Lacey has spent the past 10 years at Hall Motor Company and is a 'jack of all trade'. She has helped to develop business and process in her time here, and the many different roles she has taken under her hat. Local to Lakeview, Oregon, Lacey loves working for a company that is focused on Family. Lacey's free time is very limited, as she has four young children at home, and a husband, Neil. When she does have free time, she enjoys crafting and design!